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Additional Products

Cryo Lift-out System

Nanoworkstation with 4 manipulators and plug-in tools for complex manipulation and measurement tasks.


Manipulator with microgripper plug-in providing a high-resolution gripping solution for transport and assembly of micro-sized objects.

Plugin Tools

EBIC Characterization System for EBAC, RCI, EBIV, EBIRCH and EBIC measurements.

EBIC Amplifier

Lift-out Shuttle for simple & efficient TEM sample preparation offering the benefits of decreased cost, increased sample throughput, reduced FIB time and reliable results.

Lift-out Shuttle

Anti-curtaining substage for rocking the sample back and forth on an axis perpendicular to the focussed ion beam while producing cross-sections or TEM lamellas.


Micromanipulator for nm-precise positioning of samples inside the Phenom desktop SEM.

Phenom Tools

SuperFlat AFM combines the power of SEM and AFM by providing high-resolution topographical & tribological information.

Superflat AFM


Glass pipettes with 1.5 mm shaft diameter and approximately 1 µm tip radius for patch-clamp measurements.